We understand that the world’s resources are only capable of sustaining a finite level of development and that careful and structured management of these resources is absolutely necessary to prevent undue depletion to the detriment of the earth and its peoples.

We also understand that industrial effects on the environment is one of the biggest challenges facing the developed world, and that unless industry addresses environmental problems the Earth and its inhabitants of all species will suffer.

We will make every possible effort to make use of the sustainable, renewable natural resources and conserve non-renewable natural resources through efficient use and careful planning. We will contribute wherever possible to the protection and preservation of wildlife and its habitat, woodlands, open spaces and wilderness etc.

The management and all employees are committed to making every effort to ensure that procedures, processes and products have minimal impact on the environment, and that where impact does occur constant efforts will be made to reduce the level of such impact.

We will discharge our social responsibility to others by:

(i) Ensuring the safe and well being of all employees through providing a safe, and as comfortable working environment, as is practically possible.

(ii) Adopting practices that take into account the needs of those in our immediate environment.

(iii) Using materials that have in their manufacture the minimum practicable impact on the environment.

(iv) Ensuring that our customers are aware of the materials used in the execution of our works.

We will regularly review our practices and procedures and the products used, with a view to continuously improving environmental performance. We intend to achieve these aims by:

(a) Regularly reviewing materials brought in to establish environmental impact with a view to reducing our indirect effect on the environment.

(b) Training and educating management and employees in environmental issues so that they are aware of the effect of the company’s practices on the environment.

(c) Conserving the Earth’s resources by reducing our energy consumption and where possible our waste production.

(d) Compliance with all health and safety and environmental legislation, and to attempt to exceed these standards.